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A series of computer-generated, nearly invisible aligners that fit over the teeth.
Aligner Systems
Comfortable, removable aligners that gradually move your teeth into position.
Invisible Braces
These systems are a simple, fast and invisable way to align teeth.
Fixed appliances
A variety of brackets depending on your individual needs and requirements.
Sectional systems
With simple Newtonian mechanical principles the teeth can be moved.
There are several methods of Prealign that Dr Mew uses.
Invisible Braces

The Invisible braces system is a simple, fast and cheap way to align teeth. It is the original Prealign system, first the general alignment of the teeth is achieved with Bioblock and ALF appliances and then fine alignment using clear aligners (Invisalign could be used but is not usually needed as only minor adjustments are then necessary)

Biobloc appliances
Biobloc stage 1 upper or lower appliances are small discrete removable orthodontic appliances that sit behind the teeth and clip around the back teeth. Each appliance is specifically designed for the task required and constructed in our laboratory on dental casts of the individual’s teeth. Biocloc appliances consists of stainless steel wires that form the active components of the appliance and acrylic sections that join the wires together and form the structure of the appliance. Some of the wires are used to clasp on to the teeth to hold the brace into position and the other wires and components apply light constant pressure to move the teeth. The Invisible brace is similar in design and function to the Inman aligners. The Invisible brace was developed in the UK in the 1970’s and the Inman aligner in the USA in the 1990’s showing remarkably similar designs

Lower Biobloc st 1 in place with teeth aligned

Teeth before treatment

Lower biobloc st 1 as seen from the front

The Biobloc appliances are most useful for gross movement of sections of teeth, minor movements of a few teeth, tipping teeth forward, or gaining an approximate correction of crowding, and is especially suited for widening the upper jaw, where is it often possible to move the cheek bones out and up improving nasal capacity and improving the appearance of the midface. The upper appliances take some effort to talk normally with and they must be worn all of the time and not removed for eating or presentations and socializing.

ALF appliances
These are possibly the smallest orthodontic appliances available, they are similar to Biobloc appliances except that the wires are soldered directly to wires without acrylic sections and are often used in conjunction with them. Consisting of little more than an individual wire that runs along beside the teeth at gum level around the inside of the dental arch. ALF components are soldered to the main wire and include a Crozat claps holding onto the molars and a cow horn clasp to grip around the canines, additional components can be added to provide separate functions. Three omega loops allow expansion in two planes of space and provide increased flexibility of the appliance.

ALF applaince in position

ALF as seen from the front

An ALF applaince

ALF appliances look deceptively simple but take great care and attention to adjust. ALF’s are used to widen the dental arch in forward back dimension (anteroposterior) or the sideways dimension (transverse) which often increases alignment especially if good Myotherapy is learnt.


  • The Biobloc appliance and ALF’s are removable so can be taken out for cleaning but should otherwise be worn full time throughout the day and night, including eating.
  • The Biobloc appliance and ALF’s are not visible as they sit on the inside of your mouth
  • Your speech may be affected initially while you are getting use to the Biobloc appliance but you should get use to this within a couple of days and your speech should return to normal. ALF rarely cause any problems with speech as they are so small.
  • Invisible braces and ALF’s work very quickly, since they have a simple method of action with minimal or no friction.

Each appliance is custom made to fit the individual with individual components selected as necessary to fit the teeth and move the teeth as necessary.

Invisible Brace Treatments
And combination of the ALF and Biobloc appliances are usually used to gain the approximate alignment of the teeth and width of the upper and lower jaw. Usually an upper ALF and lower Invisible brace with an expansion screw

These braces do not tend to gain a perfect alignment of teeth. The final alignment or finishing can be gained by;

  1. Clear aligners, (similar to Invisalign) can be used after the Invisible brace treatment to make final adjustment and alignments of the teeth.
  2. Myotherapy. By changing the postural positions of the lips and tongue gentle pressure can be applied to teeth to encourage them to align. Obviously this is the best and most natural way to align teeth and tends to improve lip shape and hollow the cheeks
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