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A series of computer-generated, nearly invisible aligners that fit over the teeth.
Aligner Systems
Comfortable, removable aligners that gradually move your teeth into position.
invisible Braces
These systems are a simple, fast and invisible way to align teeth.
Fixed appliances
A variety of brackets depending on your individual needs and requirements.
Sectional systems
With simple Newtonian mechanical principles the teeth can be moved.
There are several methods of Prealign that Dr Mew uses.
Initial Assesment

Dr. Mew during this appointment will evaluate:
  • the position of your teeth within the dental arch
  • facial balance, lip shape and support, and any asymmetries
  • the relationship of your upper and lower jaws to each other and to your skull
  • the postural (resting) position of your lips, cheeks and tongue.
The scope of this assessment enables us to determine the cause of your misalignment and try to correct it in addition to straightening your teeth. Correcting the cause speeds the treatment and enhances the long term stability of the teeth, reducing the need for retention.
Your initial appointment will also include a full set of clinical photos to help us construct your treatment plan. We encourage you to take copies of your digital records home with you to help you decide about your treatment. If you decide to proceed with treatment any necessary x-rays and models will be taken during your second appointment.
Treatment plan

Dr. Mew will compare and and contrast suitable treatments, and if appropriate combine elements of one treatment with those of another in order to develop a treatment suited to your individual needs. One common combination utilises elements of the sectional system to allow Invisalign treatment for individuals who would otherwise not be good candidates.

Treatment letter

After your consultation you'll receive a clear and concise letter that details Dr. Mew's treatment suggestions, the costs and the estimated lengths of treatment times. It will also include Dr. Mew's personal email address in case you have any further questions.


We monitor each of our patients for three years following the completion of treatment. This aftercare policy allows us to maintain any necessary retention system, but most of all, it lets us make sure that you are happy with your new smile.

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Quality care
Our commitment is to provide quality orthodontic care to the best standards possible
Initial Assesment
Book your orthodontic smile consultations.
Perform a self-assessment and understand the treatment thats right for you..
Lip and tongue exercises to change the position of the teeth, improve the lips and hollow the cheeks
Orthodontic Terms
Glossary of Orthodontic Terms, meaning of orthodontic terms or orthodontic definitions.
Case Studies
Before and after photos of Dr Mew's work

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