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A series of computer-generated, nearly invisible aligners that fit over the teeth.
Aligner Systems
Comfortable, removable aligners that gradually move your teeth into position.
invisible Braces
These systems are a simple, fast and invisible way to align teeth.
Fixed appliances
A variety of brackets depending on your individual needs and requirements.
Sectional systems
With simple Newtonian mechanical principles the teeth can be moved.
There are several methods of Prealign that Dr Mew uses.
Meet Dr. Michael Mew, London Specialist Orthodontist and Certified Platinum Invisalign Provider.

Everyone loves a beautiful smile, but many people aren't quite happy with their teeth.

Dr. Mike Mew, one of London's premier specialist orthodontists, can help almost anyone have a better, more confident smile.

Dedicated to providing high quality hidden orthodontic solutions to discerning adult clients, Dr. Mew trained in Denmark at one of the world's foremost adult orthodontics programs.

Dr. Mike Mew tailors an individualised solution for each and every one of his patients. A wide range of sophisticated techniques and premier dental and orthodontic appliances enable Dr. Mew to treat even the most demanding cases.

Dr. Mew uses his international training and expertise to provide one of the widest ranges of orthodontics solutions possible. These solutions include:

  • Invisalign
    The world's most advanced aligner system, often combined with prealign to treat cases that would otherwise not be suitable for Invisalign.
  • Aligner systems
    Clear thin plastic covers that fit over the teeth and move them, including Kesling and Simply5. Similar to Clear Step, Orthoclear and 6 Month Smiles.
  • Invisible braces
    Discrete removable orthodontic appliances designed to achieve general alignment of teeth, including Bioblock and ALF systems. Similar but superior to the Iman aligners system.
  • Fixed appliances
    Traditional railway track braces with components fixed to the teeth and wires running between. Includes clear and aesthetic brackets, titanium and Damon 3 low friction systems.
  • Sectional systems
    Discrete mechanical systems used for difficult tooth movements, often used to enable the use of Invisalign or other aligner-based systems.
  • Myotherapy
    Postural and functional exercises to change the oral muscular balance; treats the cause of crooked teeth and improves the lip and cheek shape.

What You Can Expect: Personalised Assessment and Treatment

Initial Assessment

Your treatment will begin with a full assessment by Dr. Mike Mew during a 30-minute appointment. He will of course assess the positions and alignment of your teeth, but will also evaluate the shape, balance and symmetry of your face, the positions of your upper and lower jaws, and the size, shape, position and support of your lips. Dr. Mew will also assess the relative positions of your upper and lower dental arches, a critical step in the process. Treatments that don't take dental arch positions into account are unlikely to result in teeth that stay well aligned. Dr. Mew's assessment procedure avoids this problem by making sure that the position of your dental arches forms an integral part of your treatment plan.

Customised Treatment Plan

Dr. Mike Mew will then design an individual treatment plan based on his assessment. If appropriate, elements of more than one type of treatment can be combined to provide several treatment options. One common combination allows individuals who are not good candidates for Invisalign treatments to become suitable candidates by using elements of the sectional system.

Shortly after your orthodontic assessment you'll receive a letter that outlines Dr. Mew's treatment suggestions, time estimates and the costs of each option. This letter will also include Michael Mew's personal email address if you have further questions. Dr. Mew encourages you to seek several opinions and is always happy to discuss suggestions and ideas, whether you wish to be treated at The Mew Clinic or somewhere else.

Your teeth are precious. Orthodontic treatment is a big step to take, and making the right choice is important. Dr. Mew and this site are here to help you make the right decision.

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