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A series of computer-generated, nearly invisible aligners that fit over the teeth.
Aligner Systems
Comfortable, removable aligners that gradually move your teeth into position.
invisible Braces
These systems are a simple, fast and invisible way to align teeth.
Fixed appliances
A variety of brackets depending on your individual needs and requirements.
Sectional systems
With simple Newtonian mechanical principles the teeth can be moved.
There are several methods of Prealign that Dr Mew uses.
About Us

Doctor Michael Mew
Doctor Michael Mew qualified in the early 1990s as dentist at the Royal London Hospital. He later entered the renowned Orthodontic programme at Aarhus University in Denmark under the mentorship of Professor Birte Melsen. After several years in general practice, facial surgery and orthodontic training at the NHS, he qualified as an Orthodontist in the early 2000s.
History and influences:
Dr Mew is one of the only third generation orthodontists, his Father (John Mew) is probably the most controversial orthodontists in the world which has kept him on his toes within the community and always up to date with the latest techniques, ideas and news from before he even entered the world of dentistry. With orthodontics and controversy in his blood he has an experienced caring approach.
One year as a Senior House Officer in Maxillofacial surgery and Orthodontics 96’ till 97’ in Eastbourne and Brighton, involving facial surgery and complex surgical orthodontic treatments. It is only when you have seen and felt the bones under the skin that you can really visualise them and know what you can and cannot do.
Working in a busy NHS “factory” orthodontic practice, seeing children at 10min intervals for 4 years part time from 97’. This gave him an invaluable breath of knowledge in both what to do and what not to do. It is in these types of clinics that most orthodontics is provided in the country but the financial and time constraints are not compatible with a high level of quality. Once you start cutting corners few clinicians recover, and unable to maintain the level of quality that he desired he no longer provides NHS treatment of any type.
He has worked one day a week in a chair alongside his Father since 97’ which has been invaluable, “there is no better way to learn” and there is no one in the country and possibly the world more experienced than his Father. This has been an invaluable learning experience which is just not possible for most people.
Qualified and registered as an Invisalign provider in 2004’, and has been providing quality Invisalign treatment ever since.
Horizon widening experience;

He has worked in South Africa providing surgery and primary dental care in the Johannesburg townships including Soweto and teaching in the University of the Witswatersrand, and also in Darwin, Australia in a community clinic, flying into aboriginal townships to provide dental care. He has travelled the world teaching Orthotropics with his father in North and South America, Australia and Europe.

Few orthodontists have had the chance to gain the width and breadth of experience that Michael has so far gained. He continues to be at the forfront of orthodontics asking questions that few want to face such as his latest publication “The Black Swan”

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Quality care
Our commitment is to provide quality orthodontic care to the best standards possible
Initial Assesment
Book your orthodontic smile consultations.
Perform a self-assessment and understand the treatment thats right for you..
Lip and tongue exercises to change the position of the teeth, improve the lips and hollow the cheeks
Orthodontic Terms
Glossary of Orthodontic Terms, meaning of orthodontic terms or orthodontic definitions.
Case Studies
Before and after photos of Dr Mew's work

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